Saturday, May 15, 2010

Red Admiral Explosion

The last three days have seen the emergence of a huge brood of Red Admirals Vanessa atalanta. We went for a butterfly walk today and saw approximately 75 individuals, along with...

  1. Question Mark Polygonia interrogationis (4)
  2. American Lady Vanessa virginiensis (2)
  3. Red-spotted Purple Limenitis a. astynax (1)
  4. Spicebush Swallowtail Papilio troilus (1, female)
  5. Orange Sulfur Colias eurytheme (5)
  6. Cabbage White Pieris rapae (5)
  7. Eastern Tailed Blue Cupido comyntas (2)
  8. Little Wood Satyr Megisto cymela (1)
  9. Pearl Crescent Phyciodes tharos (2)
  10. Common Sootywing Pholisora catullus (1)
  11. Tawny-Edged Skipper Polites themistocles (1)
  12. Sachem Atalopedes campestris (1)
  13. Silver-Spotted Skipper Epargyreus clarus (3)
  14. Horace's Duskywings Erynnis horatius (4)

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta


Tawny-Edged Skipper Polites themistocles

Horace's Skipper Erynnis horatius

Red-Tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis



Acolyte4236 said...

Jeff, I am not sure where to put this since I can't find an email for you. Since the GB thread is dead it seems, I wanted to email you my remarks regarding our convo on Turretin's maxim and the Filioque if you're up for it.

Drop me an email and feel free to delete this comment.

Jeff Cagle said...

Hi Perry,

I sent you an e-mail. I hope it didn't get thrown into spam purgatory.