Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr. Fowler White on grace and justice

I've asked Dr. White a couple of questions in regard to his interactions with Peter Leithart:

(1) Am I understanding your argument correctly, that חֵ֖ן and χαρις are not limited to situations involving demerit, but rather that “grace” is only proper as an English translation of those terms in situations involving demerit?

And this would be a matter of convention, for the sake of avoiding confusion?

What then do you make of Leithart’s contention that this convention is “too narrow”, signaling that he doesn’t wish to adopt the convention?

(2) What do you make of Leithart's “strict justice” argument: that Adam’s hypothetical obedience would have been disproportionate to the reward?

The floor is yours!

JRC