Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the Yard 8/4/2011

Seen today between 1 and 3 PM (no pics):

5 Tiger Swallowtails Pterourus glaucus, including one dark-form female
1 Orange Sulfur Colias eurytheme
2 Cabbage Whites Pieris rapae
4 Buckeyes Junonia coenia
1 Variegated Fritillary Euptoieta claudia
3 Eastern Tailed Blues Cupido comyntas
1 Zabulon Skipper Poanes zabulon male
4 Tawny-Edged Skippers Polites themistocles, 3 male 1 female.
3 Peck's Skippers Polites peckius, all male.
1 Sachem Atalopedes campestris female.
several Silver-Spotted Skippers Epargyreus clarus

Oh: and one very large and fat Pipevine Swallowtail Battus philenor caterpillar. :)


2 comments: said...

what is this basically? An insect garden or something? It could be by the name of it. There should be more elaboration here cause the readers don't get it.

Home Inspector Queens said...

I am sorry, but I didnt get what this post is actually about? Can you put more content into this post for us readers? That will be awesome!